Run and Jump Final

I started with the run using Richard Williams’s run reference to help me get key poses, obviously tweaking them to Buckid’s body size and shape. It was time consuing getting the body into the right position but I do think it shows speed in the run. I do think its quite a bouncy run and I did have to edit the feet quite a lot as there was a lot of sliding. I have tried to get rid of this as much as I could.

When moving onto the jump I took reference from a long jump athlete for the run into the jump but I wanted him to come to a stop and bounce at the end. It was hard to show timing in the jump as at first he did seem to float through the air so after shorting the key frames he does fall at speed. The bounce the end was useful to show the weight in his jump. This did take a long time but I do think he could travel further or slide a bit at the end. To imply his speed a bit more.

This being said it does present a run and jump in one and I am proud that I did them both together instead of separately as first of all it felt like it was harder to do but also made more of an exciting animation. I would say for next time that I should watch more reference footage and think about timing a bit more as I really struggled with my jumps timing and spacing.

Walk Final

I hadn’t looked at my walk for quite a while. I had started it a long time ago but at that point was just focusing on the stop motions. After speaking to Rowena about the walk cycle and looking through loads or reference footage I added small changes such as a small follow through below the elbow so the arms look more natural and then the should tilt and pelvic tilt. This gave the walk a more natural look but it does look quite exaggerated i couldn’t find a good mid point of natural and exaggeration but I wanted to present the fact i do know the pelvis would take the weight and show the weight difference on each leg. And that is would be shown all the way upto the shoulders. After doing this is was noticeable that the head moved side to side as well which would not happen so i tried to straighten this out. I watched it after this. And although its not a perfectly natural walk I have tried to input all the components a walk would have. I am happy with the outcome if you put the ‘older man’ or someone with a chip on their shoulder as the theme of my walk. i know it wasn’t meant to have emotion but I have made quite a little bit of characterization in my work unknowingly. I do think I found the walk the hardest to recreate as although I see people do it everyday and obviously walk myself. You take for granted the amount of work the body does and the fact that everyone walks differently. I would say the task made me a lot more aware of my surroundings the amount of people watching I have done is embarrassing and i have to say some people have the oddest ways of walking. Pigeon footed is a main contender for the everyday walker or the fact the don’t actually move their arms that much as I want them too. Overall I did find this task difficult but I have definitely learnt a lot from it.

Sneak Final

I’ve been working on this for quite a while taking most my reference from Richard Williams template and constantly asking people to act for me. I am happy with what I was able to accomplish. Obviously there are still things that could be tweaked. Isn’t their always? My final tweaks were on the y axis on the legs and trying to sort the arms out as much as I could. I do feel it still looks a bit robotic but its come a long way since the start. I feel this was the point in Maya where I really started to get the hand of the software. The sneak for me was really exciting to do as it’s got a lot of emotion in it, you can make the characters look, evil or quite dim which is what mine looks like. Like for example if Goody tried to be sneaky or something. It took the most components to move. The legs arms and head would all move in different ways each time and trying to work out how manipulate Buckid did have its highs and lows as he is a nice character to work with but he isn’t the most correct in his height and length of his arms and legs and when it comes to the feet their were times when I really struggled as the are nearly half the size of his legs so getting them off the ground in a natural way was an issue for me. But I overcame it as best I could.

Final Outcome

My subject matter for context was a big thing to talk about and I was at some points worried  I had gone for something too deep and extreme. Once I made the essay to just focus of Rick and Morty I found it a lot easier to do and it created a nice flow through my work as before it felt as though it could go anywhere. and when it came to the design phase it wouldn’t have worked as well if i had spoken about loads of other animations as the color tones would of made my work to busy.

I enjoyed this project as it was something that i personally loved to learn about but I also did learn a lot of new things throughout writing the essay. I may not of included a lot of things I learnt but a few short dissertations i read were so interesting and the Myth of Sisyphus book is something I will go back and finish. But its definitely not an easy read, you have to be very alert, but i guess that goes for the whole existential subject.




This is the reason my essay took so long to write. Referencing is overall just time consuming. It took my a good 3 hours just to put all the references together and to understand how and where to put them into the essay. It was definitely a big learning curve and I would say that I did not enjoy any second of it. This being said it is something i will have to get used to and learn to live with it. I am proud I did it and now know to keep track of everything i use to help compile my essay as this will half the amount of time the essay will take to write. The Harvard referencing book was super useful as well. I think this was down to the use of color coding throughout the book… much appreciated!

All the Making Of’s!!

I can really see that my work has improved since my first project. I have found this module so helpful, firstly when it comes to editing it has shown me that software isn’t that scary. I have also learnt a lot about myself and how to work in a group, which I explained in my reflection.  I am excited to see how I can progress further in the next two years.

Making Of 3 Reflection

How have found the experience of working in your group?

Actually very enjoyable overall. It was nice as we aren’t all super confident when it comes to digital things so I didn’t feel as though I was letting anyone down on those side of things but we also got to learn from each other in the group and it was also a little bit of time to just fan girl over the Gorrilaz. We all worked very well with each other and I didn’t felt as though we all wanted to the same things in the group.

What have you contributed to the project and the team?

I have contributed to the overall animatic as we each did around 20 drawings each of our different sections. I colored my section as did everyone else. I took on the role of putting the final animatic together in time with the voice over and editing this piece to fit with the style. I also have a lot of footage of interviews I had as it wasn’t easy for James and Jane to record their interviews whilst mine were family and they weren’t too bothered. We all did a voice over each for the making of, which I cut down to fit where necessary.

How hard do you work? Discuss your work ethic and commitment? Be honest and frank with yourself.

I feel because this was the final thing for the module and it was Gorrilaz style that I worked quite hard as it’s something I enjoy doing and would draw in my spare time anyway so I didn’t really feel like work at that point in the project. When it came to the colouring I again felt I worked hard spending a whole day just working on colour and because it was something I had never done before It took a lot of concentration. When it came to the making of we did have to work hard as at one point we did lose our work but it was fixed soon after.

What have you done to ensure a successful working partnership? Could you have done more for better success?

I feel as though keeping contact with one and other has been our strong point. We get in touch at least once a week and plan out our work for that time. We have never not come back to one and other and not had something to show or share with one and other. Maybe we could have been in more as a group but to be honest the work was very much for that individual and then we came back together to put the final edit together. I think this worked well as we had input into each other work via facebook but didn’t overpower one and other.

Where is your project successful and how could your project be improved?

It’s successful in the fact we did accomplish what we set out to do. We interviewed multiple people and decided on one final one that clearly related to what we set out to find. And was closely related to or research videos. I think we took the style of the Gorrilaz and Jamie Hewlett very well and tried to match this throughout our project. Although we did create an animatic and it does get across the story energetically it’s not as precise as it could have been so I would of like to have more drawings to make it more animated but that only really came down to lack of time, when considering other modules as well.

How successful is the Making of film? Do you think it fully communicates the processes

I feel like our making of does convey our processes but I learnt from my last project that the strict showing of our processes is sometimes not as grasping to the audience. So taking on what Kristen said we did a voiceover individually and cut it in the correct way. Although it did not use the documentary style like James Lockton’s last project, I feel like that wouldn’t of worked for our project as we didn’t have as many issues as they did in their project ours was quite well organised. I think we show a loose outline of our process which shows our research, interviews, concepts and the making of the final outcome.

Where could this ‘Making Of’ be improved?

Through a more animated animatic and a more clear and finished use of colour, I feel you can see we are that confident in Photoshop.

Where would you say you have improved on you last experience?

I feel I have improved just through going more out of my comfort zone into an animatic.  I feel after doing storytelling it boosted my confidence into doing an animatic. I feel like we didn’t keep it as safe as last time. I also feel I have grown since my last project as was able to let go of the control in certain aspects of the processes and understand people can be trusted haha!

Specifically, how has the design aspect of your ‘Making Of’ developed?

I feel this Making Of looks a lot more professional. Maybe that’s because we used a lot of digital in this project so that may have made it look this way.

If your making of films are intended for potential future employers, is the tone of voice appropriate for your intended audience?

I do think we used good tone of voice throughout or making of and it is quite formal in how we word things. It is appropriate for future employers for sure. And presents clear and concise explanations throughout.


Do you see any future possibilities for this project? Could it be extended in to this next opportunity, for instance?

It could definitely be turned into an animation! I would love to do that type of thing over summer in the Gorillaz style. And do full color instead of 1 color type for each section.

What do you want/ need from a team experience? Discuss.

I feel like this time in a team experience it was a lot stronger and I know what I do need from a team. This time it was nice to have someone on the same level as me and having James who understood my love of Jamie Hewlett’s work and the time frame. I do feel like in all the groups I’ve been in I always seems to take a managerial role. I’m not sure if it’s because I do plan out everything I do and maybe I’ve been in teams with people that don’t mind taking a step back. I would like to have someone stronger in my groups. This might cause a clash and I may regret saying this but I don’t like always having to be the person that’s plans things out but if I don’t no one else seems to. That’s my only critique of any group I’ve been in so far. This could just be

What is your ambition for the next project? What do you want to engage with next? What would be most rewarding for you? Do you think you would respond well if given a specific brief rather than given free reign to dictate your own project? Discuss.

I have been thinking about doing 2D animation over summer and working on something over summer, taking snippets from my outsider stories interviews. My own personal aim is to work on a turn around and just understanding 2d software as a whole. I really want to expand my way of drawing into the digital.

Viewing day

Looking at other people work today had been eye opening I loved TZ and Rowena’s her made me in some ways quite uncomfortable because it was like opening a door into someone’s mind. I felt like I was intruding on someone personal issues. And with Tz’s work it was amazing how first off the music fit so well with it overall, but also the pure imagination that came out of his work was crazy. It was nice to see the before and after. Chloe’s sketchbook is amazing to just hold and look at. I like how she made it into a proper sketchbook it really gave us a little insight into her life and had such energy throughout it. I would like to do something like this over summer, taking snippets from other people’s ways of doing things. Maybe another sketchbook or edited photos like TZ. I will have a think but definitely want an outcome to summer work.

Watching my making was horrific! I am happy with the animatic but we may have made the animatic voice too low as it was hard to understand at first but overall fit quite well. When watching the Making Of was nice to see all our work together. I would say at times the music stays quiet when it should of gone up.  I felt it wasn’t overpowering with information, which is something that let me down in my last making of. In my opinion I feel we should of had one voice for the whole voice over as you did have to get attuned to each persons voice and when it came to editing the levels it was hard to edit each persons voice to the exact same level and be all the same volume. I do feel like the backing music fit really well and probably made the Making Of it seemed to bring it all nicely together.