The Flying Object Palava

So I have begun my Animation degree today (sounds fancy I know) so you might wonder what we did… 3d design work, deep analysis… no, we made a flying aircraft (which  couldn’t fly) and it was GREAT!

Very good icebreaker Johny as I guess you are the only one who will read this blog of mine. I think this probably the first day I’ve actually relaxed in my Uni experience and had a ‘normal’ day.

So this was the outcome of the building exercise:


Salford, Manchester

The 1st Week:

I think this have been the most stressful, exciting and terrifying week of my little life so far! Coming to Manchester has been a big change for me, especially coming here alone. My first day at Uni was a lot to take in having to remember names, bus routes and the room numbers! But my Lecturer’s seem to make everyone feel at ease in the class.

I wish I had been more outgoing within my first few days at Uni but I think that will come naturally over time. I am so excited to start my new life in Manchester, studying animation and can now start to become more independent.

I also noticed that making friends isn’t as bad as it seems we are all in the same boat, and the freshers nightlife seemed to give everyone a boost of confidence haha.

Oh… and here’s a few pictures of what I feel doesn’t need to be written down quite yet (new to this whole blog thing haha)