My Favourite Making Of’s

The Gruffalo’s Child Making Of was so beautiful I didn’t realise there was such a lovely mixture of digital and physical set making involved. It was wonderful to see how the illustrator really got involved with the children in the audience and wanted to create something magical for them. The simplicity of the drawings are so well balanced within the short film and it was nice to see that the rawness of the drawings wasn’t taken away from once animated.


I also looked at the Making Of’s for Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas.  For me, Coraline was the most interesting of the two, having things like a seamstress for each outfit Coraline wears and the fact that her hair was so important to her character to create an overall realism to the stop-motion animation. Each individual strand of hair was punch into her head separately! And of course the beautiful sets but especially the garden scene, which was actually created through the use of dog toys to get the blossoming movement of the flowers!


I chose The Nightmare Before Christmas because I think it revolutionized the stop-motion industry and I could watch over and over again. I love the character design of Jack the Skeleton and how Tim Burton’s Sketches literally come to life. Also the juxtaposing nature of the film of Tim’s Darkened themes with the brightness of Christmas.



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