Projection Mapping

Within Intro to Creative Play we as the ‘Animation Students’ have been combined with the Digital Media students to understand and progress through the course creatively. I feel this Module will be filled with an abundance of information every week but will help me with my team building skills and gain different view-points from other people.

Projection Mapping took me a long time to get my head round, more so through the idea of what are we trying to create and why rather than the overall concept of projection mapping. Kris really  makes you understand and think about everything that goes on in the course and how it affects the audience. For example how the projection can make the spectator feel calm or panicked with the slightest change in lighting or movement. Also through the character of Pudsey Bear it becomes very eye-catching and the fact that we instantly notice the character on the screen more than anything else.

We talked a lot about how far things can be pushed within Projection Mapping and the Media Industry overall and the idea of being about to freeze frame a moment or splitting screens to get a bigger reaction out the intended audience but also to create a fast paced narrative onscreen. Immersive content came up repeatedly today and how that can be created which i see now how it relates to animation as we have to anticipate peoples reactions to our animation and carry on enticing them throughout.

Overall today I realized how broad Animation can be, and  began to understand that even slight changes like lighting, still image and video can have a huge affect on the meaning and idea behind peoples work.


Kris said how a still image can be just as strong as video and when this came up on the Projection I did feel it became eye-catching because of the bold colors.



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