Job After Graduation

We were told to think in the future in lesson today and to look to when we have finally graduated and are ready to enter the world of work. We had to pick the job within animation we would like to be in I picked Stop-Motion  Animator, we had to select three things that would make you right for the job, which I found online in and from this we had to come up with what we could do before semester 1 to aid us in forming these skills:

  • have strong observational, acting and timing skills
  • be able to operate relevant animation and camera equipment
  • have good team working skills
  • excellent sculpting skills ( I put this one is as it’s something I have never tried before so for me this one is very daunting)

The activities I came up with to do to help me in what i want to do in the future where, to people watch and see how the human body moves. I will go through my Eadweard Muybridge books on the human form and also the Animators Survival Kit book and hopefully have read them by the end of semester 1. I will need to spend time in the stop-motion studio regularly refining my skills and just get more comfortable in that environment. Thirdly as a group we ave decided we want to do the escape room test together which will aid our team skill set but also help me to become more confident with the Animation group as a whole.

Furthermore, today Johny talked a lot about being pro-active and how that will make us the best students we can be and these quotes he referred to where really helpful in sending that message.

‘You make the animation, before you make the animation’



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