The Two Cycles

The Design Cycle

When reflecting back on the Flying Object Palava post I first did, I realise now the depth I could of gone into. In today’s lesson Johny presented the design Cycle to us, the design cycle is made up of 6 key points:


I felt after we had been shown this cycle I could express my thoughts and feelings within my blog more clearly. Which is obviously a good thing but will also take time for me to be able to follow the cycle without having to refer back to it constantly and for it to feel natural. I believe this cycle along with Gibbs (1998) cycle which I am trying to follow within this blog, will help be to become more assertive in my work. I know now for when I complete my Animation 101 assingment, I will be able to blog about it in a clear and concise manner.


Furthermore, I did try and keep along the line of Gibbs (1998) relfective cycle within this post, hopefully it was more to the point than my other blogs.



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