A to B

What did we do?

This week we had to create four seconds of video of a block moving from A to B. it had to be 25 frames per second and equal altogether 100 frames. I think this assignment was based mostly and precision and trying to create as SMOOTH a video as we could.

I thought this would be easy but trying to keep the block moving smooth, not knocking the camera equipment and going to and fro to take the photos it all becomes quite stressful. Hasn’t deterred me at all from wanting to go into the stop-motion industry…now it’s a challenge! I would love to make beautiful animations, like the animators created in Coraline and Boxtrolls. If I had had more time I would of like to of done a third animation just to make it perfect as I did two of the A-B animations which I will put in this Blog at the end.

The ruler was a big help it would of been so much harder without it.
Using Stop-Motion Pro

In conclusion this was a really fun exercise to start getting our heads around the basics of animation and it let me as a student be more hands on with my learning. I have ordered ‘The Animators Survival Kit’ to read through so hopefully I can start to understand the basics of animation as an individual alongside the class/group work we will be doing.


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