Maya 1st Try

Maya was something I was so worried about but after doing these few exercises I have calmed down a bit more. It’s nice to see that everyone is apprehensive of Maya and it’s not just me.

So I think overall I have spent just over 3 hours on Maya this morning. I started trying to do it on my own but it was difficult to remember everything Johny and James had said in class so I went onto and watched the few 6 videos in Maya 2016 Essential. I have created the ‘A to B’ move and I think the ‘Slow in Slow out’ move also.

I am excited to get more confident with Maya over the next few years so I can create some of the amazing things I have seen others do with the software.

I spent the first hour on Maya watching the videos and playing around with the tools the videos told me about and then once I had gotten more confident I moved on to creating the A to B move. I did this about times and saved 4 of these. As you can see below the first time I saved my document something went terribly wrong. So I had to go back to videos and watch the Playblast way of saving my animations.


By the end of my first Maya trial, this screen wasn’t looking as daunting as it was before and as Johny said ‘I’m in control!’.

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