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I watched the Montage from Battleship Potemkin, on Odessa Stairs and I see now how Eisenstein uses montage to create a fast-pasted narrative in a silent movie. I love the way the music flows perfectly with the onscreen action, letting the overall themes play well together. Eisenstein’s use of wide shots captures the onscreen suspense so well and by placing closeups of the actors panicked faces it creates emotional contagion with the  audience, producing  immersive content within.

Immersive Content – Title Sequences:

David Fincher has some of the most memorable title sequences in his films, especially, Seven, Zodiac, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and Fight Club. I’m not sure who created them entirely but the sequences are so clearly linked with each film and all tell a little story of there own within. Once you have watched any of these films and then you see the title sequence again it’s really amazing how the sequence does tell the story in it’s own way and you can see new snippets of information like in Seven’s title sequence the way  John Doe takes off his fingertips so he doesn’t have a fingerprint and in The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo the violent imagery portrayed throughout the sequence and the way the character is tied presents scenes from within the film.


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