Rapid Prototyping

Today was about team building and rapid prototyping to help us refine our ideas in a creative way to protect an egg from cracking or breaking. I felt as though today helped to gain confidence within a team but also demonstrate my creative thinking and illustrate as progression through my work. Research was very important in the making of our egg protection, especially when looking to packaging online. We noticed how things such as crumpled up paper created more protection but also how triangles were used to create strength within. Kristin also explained that protecting something with air is also a good way of lessening the impact as we saw with our first group work of the tower. 14632546_383659602023101_188033951_o

The folded paper, which developed the main part of the tower added suspension to the design, so that once the egg was placed on top it acted as a pillow. Also the origami pieces me and Laura made created strength and acted as a basket to protect the egg, so we knew this idea would be the basis for our development. 14699538_1829230647288813_317328330_o

When we moved onto the next project of protecting the egg whilst it was dropped from the third floor the origami was a must and found a way of strengthening this though the use of duct tape and layering of 6. The base of this structure was so strong. When we did the parachute on the other hand i think we over thought the whole structure and it became to heavy and just added more weight to the drop. But the egg still survived as the origami was super strong!!

Overall today was really good at showing us how a design process works on a smaller scale and how it’s ok to not to get things perfect ever time and that rapid prototyping is a useful way of getting your ideas out there fast and in a productive manner.



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