Interpolation Of Ideas

This week I was given the phrase ‘Interpolation of Ideas‘ and the aim was to create a two  minute presentation on it presenting my in-depth knowledge on the topic. I have never had a word or multiple words so hard to pin-point to an exact definition. You can look at it from a mathematical perspective, philosophical perspective and theirs always something different about the words or meaning.

Once I had as much information as my brain could take of Interpolation I began trying to work out what I thought it meant to me as everyone makes things there own or has there own interpretation.

I thought I’d try and keep it all relevant! So related it easily to bar sheet and tangent graphs on Maya.


I then struggled reading through a book that came up once I research through the university’s library page, ‘Birkhoff Interpolation’ all i really understood is interpolation is closely linked to approximation.

Therefore I consider when we do things like bar sheets that we have created a type of approximated representation of our animations in the stop-motion room. Which relates to the definition of ‘Process of finding a value between two places on a line or a curve’ as we are in some way creating value through our animations.

After doing my presentation I was filled with relief.  Johny also helped me to understand it in better terms thinking of the ‘In between’ for example Walt Disney would draw the beginning and end of Mickey Mouse but then other animators would come along and do the in between. This gives more more of an understanding but also  helps me to create and idea of what I wants to present as a piece of artwork by next week.




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