This exercise was the most complicated so far. It used everything we have learnt so far and took some serious thinking a planning. I took Johny’s advice and focused on Maya as my first point of call as it then gave me a better visual example of what I wanted to created within the stop-motion room.  It was quite complicated for the first few steps on Maya but all of it was very logical and made sense in the end.

pendulum bar sheet.JPGThis helped me in visualizing what I wanted to create in the stop-motion room. It was all going well, I had counted how many times the block arced but it didn’t go as planned within the stop-motion room.

I didn’t take into account the size of the wooden black as they are quite big so there wasn’t as much room for the block to move and it naturally wouldn’t keep the same speed up as the small block shows in Maya. So instead of doing 7 arcs I think I did 4. The block does leave the shot at one point which is an obvious mistake but towards the end I had knocked it so it jumps, but this was 2 hours in so I had run out time to redo the animation. Secondly, I incorporated a hold on the block for 4 frames on each arc but it looked too fake so I took some out, but I still think it looks unnatural.

Overall, this will definitely need redoing in the stop-motion room but it was fun to try and create.


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