Visual Communitcation

Apply the A to B Mapping Project to the behind the scenes ‘Making Of’


  • Both chart a journey in the production of work
  • Goes through a series of landmarks/moments/places just like in pre-production
  • A is the problem, B is the final

I was particularly engaged with the different way in which people present their work but also the fact it really shows that we are all visual learners. So the tasks we have been set within Making Of have aided us in our visual communication.

Just how behind the scenes videos visually communicate their work in a simplistic way, presenting their processes. Similarly, we have gathered data although on a much smaller scale it has still helped us re-create this information within our work. like the journey from Peel Building to my building Ranulf as I looked at the difference in structure and the intricate design of Peel Building contrasted with the smart new build of Ranulf.img_6816143

Although I didn’t understand the relevance of the maps at the beginning of the project, it has really helped me firstly, with the confidence to show my work and discuss it but also being able to reflect as a whole class and give out constructive criticism like a group crit in a way, letting us see what works well and what didn’t work so well. I think I would be able to appropriate   the things I have learnt in the last few weeks as I can now see ho color scale and medium are used to create good and effective pieces of visual work.


It’s also nice to know I can’t really go wrong in my work and that being myself my work is a good thing. It has also been helpful to watch behind the scene Making Of videos to see the people in their own field of work, talking about it so enthusiastically. As directors take you on a journey with their imagination and story like Tim Burton and Henry Selick, but they need people like animators, set designers, artists, characters designers, camera and lighting to get them from A ( their idea) to B (the final product).



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