Circuit Boards

Well I found today’s lesson quite difficult to understand and it obviously wasn’t my thing. But once Mark and Kristin explained to me how it could be relevant to me as an animator I saw how I could create such beautiful sets, like the one seen above. I would love to incorporate something like this into my work but on a smaller scale as it does add charm to the overall set, making it seem like an actual living breathing city.

There were so many hurdles to overcome today within the session as firstly I have absolutely no idea how circuits really work and the more it was explained to me the more confused I seemed to get so it was very hard for me to focus. I think until I really want to use this type of equipment it will just be something in the back of mind that can later be an option with my work.

I searched for more videos like the one above but could not find anything else which portrayed the same type of intricacy and beauty onscreen. The only things coming up were 3D pens, which I hadn’t realised were an actual thing! I thought these would be amazing to learn and play around with especially when thinking of set making!


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