Film Noir in the Studios

Today was very hands on which made me so much engaged in the work but also I found everything a lot easier to understand because I was physically ‘doing’ the work!

The first half of the day, I spent focusing on lighting and how it changes and creates a different tone once manipulated. We as a group played more with halos and rim lighting but also shadowing to try and create silhouettes. I think I took more of an directory role where lighting was concerned as I worked with another group member to try and create the right lighting set-up for one of our scenes. Within the first half I spend more time on camera as I was the only girl in the group, but when I was off-screen it was nice to see how my group where working together to make our work really standout. It’s amazing how a difference in light no matter what you wearing can make such a difference in tone and mood. I really felt as if we had walked back into a 1940/50’s Film Noir set!

This exercise really helped me with my confidence as my group were so helpful with the fact I would be nervous and made me feel very relaxed in that situation. I’m just not as outgoing as some of my other classmates; another thing I learnt from today.

When we went into the Green Screen Studio is was amazing, felt as though we were actually in real industry studios. It was really interesting to see how the dynamic is within this room, it relies so massively on communication skills as you have to be talking to the lighting person, the camera man, the overhead lighting guy and the actual person on set who’s go to fit into the scene correctly. I learnt from this that being a director is very stressful and I didn’t want to come off too bossy! Once we took the green screen out of the equation it was nice to see how Ling (our beautiful actress) would look once we put her into a Film Noir scene on after affects.

Today relied mainly on lighting and camera work, I understand now why lighting is so important to the overall finish of a photo but also in a scene, without lighting firstly Film Noir would not of been as eye-catching and gripping as it was but it also film and photography would just not being as amazing as it can be today




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