Block Interaction

Two blocks walking together- they are best friends. The walk with a side to side waddle one trying to keep up with the other. A guy strolls past (smooth movement) both girls watch him walk in awe (because he’s ‘super cute’). They turn round to watch him as he walks towards them, they stop dead and chat and giggle (wiggle around) and then as he’s leaving the scene one of the girls rushes after him and they chat. And the other one goes to follow but thinks better of it and leaves the scene slowly and sadly (bless her cotton socks).

So that was my little short of the interaction animation. I had also done a quick storyboard too but it was only a rough outline of what happens on set.


When I went into the Stop-Motion room  I felt very confident with what was going to be my outcome at the end of the session. This feeling quickly left me when I realised it’s harder to give blocks feelings than I thought. When I made the blocks walk like girls the movement to me illustrated this but when I showed others they weren’t as convinced. So once I had done my animation I played it back and realised it was far too fast!

On my second try, I was conscious about making the guy block have a smooth movement throughout so as i was getting to the end of my animation and felt as though it was going ok, I tripped over the camera tripod and knocked everything off focus! So you will notice the camera does jolt and again the animation went to fast. I had by this time ran out of time in the stop-motion room spending nearly three and a half hours in it. I also changed the set up in my second try at the interaction as I felt on the first one you cannot see enough of the movement, as each blocks one an other because of the line of sight.



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