‘Foley’ Sound

‘Is the reproduction of everyday sound effects, that are added to film, video and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. these reproduced sounds can be anything from swishing or clothing and footsteps to squeaky doors and breaking glass’

Ambient Sound

Ambient sound ( ambient audio, ambience, atmosphere, atmos or background noise) means the background sounds which are present in a scene or location. Common ambient sounds include wind, water, birds, crowds, office noises, traffic, etc. Ambient sound is very important in video and film work.

How is it created?

I never knew this was actually a job! But it’s crazy to think that people spend time re-creating singular sounds for a full length feature film. It was interesting as they use such odd things to create such normal everyday sounds.

I was so involved with today as I felt it really captured the things we have to do as animators! Sound is such a huge factor when trying to create realism and a good narrative it really made me appreciate every little sound that happens within a movie. I felt as though I was so aware throughout the day of different sounds or the way one sound can be used for such a different things. Like scrunching a cleaning clothe can make the sound of a tree being brushed or how the lid being taken off a long tube sounds like a funnel being taken out of a glass. I was overall so excited with the work me and my group created today.

So firstly we cued the minute long video and we jotted this all down in my sketchbook. Kristin said afterwards if this was industry standard I would of had to write the timings out in editing language as I had done them short hand for ease, my group did this part quite fast i think we were just so eager to get started on the film and I am also an avid fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas and did an in-depth paper on Tim Burton and his first proper stop-motion animation films for A-Level so I did feel confident that I knew the scene.

We then go the recording device (which i cannot remember off the top of my head what its proper name is ) but as usual with technology we did have some difficulty trying to work it, then later realizing it had been on the wrong setting the whole time. So once we had overcome that minor set-back it was time to get creative! We tried to go through the scene in order and do it with no reference to the scene as I wanted to see whether we could really nail it without having to refer to anything else but our own work. I had brought in some rice and a spoon which was perfect for when the character of Sally is scooping the powder into the funnel. we also created a great sound for the wire-pully with the repetitive sound of scissors and a tape measure, which did really come out well. And the pouring of water me and Laura did matched perfectly with the scene to the second, which was great but also just a lucky chance as I knew it lasted a little but was hoping my guesstimation was correct.

When we had collected as many sounds as we could with the objects we had, we went to James’s premiere class, it was actually very useful and once I got my head round the basics of it I realised its not actually that complicated.

The editing process of our work was time consuming but did really pay off and I was very happy with what we captured within the time frame we had. I do think if we had more time we could of really created a finished piece.

Overall this was one of the best classes I’ve had within Creative Play and would definitely use Foley sound again, when it comes to making animations in the future.

(Sadly all my groups Foley work was lost, which I am so upset about as I was so proud of what we had created. But it was uploaded to a memory stick and deleted straight away by that person, so everything had gone)


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