Bouncing Objects 2

The Ping Pong Ball and The  Balloon

I found that the ping pong ball was easy to create as its very fast motion the only thing the made it seem fake was the fact it can’t be blurred like a realistic ping pong ball does when on camera as shown in the video below. A ping pong ball is really light so the bounces are very airy but also I found it hard to create the exact motion of a ping pong ball as I feel sound it a big part of its movement and a dead give away of the object. It was interesting to see how Johnny has extracted just the sound from a video to help him explain the bounce of the ball. I noticed that when i watch the videos i do really focus on the sound of the bounce to help me understand what type of movement and weight should be considered when making the animation.


ping pong bounce.JPG

I wish I hadn’t made it roll at the end as it does make it look fake because I didn’t present any type of atmosphere that would make the ping pong ball roll at the end of the video. When re-watching my work i do feel as though it would of been more effective to have a few more bounces at the end to show it really slowing down. But going back to the idea of sound once I saw how the sound was represented on Johnny’s Maya animation and it was clear that sound (even know it was correct) looks very wrong when looking at it from an animators perspective. It doesn’t look how it should in the tangents graph, having too many key frames and being to steep, not holding the motion in air at all. So I learnt that exaggeration is a very important aspect in my animations and animation in general, illustrating that I need to be more confident in my own observations. For example, though I did try to follow the video as best I could, when thinking back to my beach ball animation I see how the one where I made the ball go across the screen is easier and nicer to watch as I did follow the reference video in the way the ball falls but  translated into my own work  differently. OBSERVE, TRANSLATE, ANIMATE!

balloon-bar-sheetThe Balloon animation looked simple but was actually very hard as it has to be precise and small movements each time because of how slow the balloon actually moves. I thought it was going well but the bounce of a balloon was really hard to do as it jumps and then slows prominently again.  I will have to redo this animation as I had ran out of time by the time I got onto the balloon animation. Also after overhearing Joe go through balloon animations he said it would of looked more impressive if the balloon had been drifting slightly side to side to emphasize the fact its a balloon and relate it to how everyone has seen a balloon in cartoons as the always move in this way slowly to the ground, just be careful not to make it look like a leaf!


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