Bouncing Objects 1

The Bowling Ball and The Beach Ball

These animations did become quite difficult as you really do have to think about the difference in weight on each ball movement. I started with the bowling ball exercise, after watching a reference video I thought it would be quite easier to convey the fact it was heavy.

bowling-ball-bar-sheetAfter watching this video I noticed the fast drop at the start to emphasize the weight, and then the 3 small bounces as it quickly looses speed and power. The power of the Bowling ball is strong on the first drop but it does lose momentum fast because of the resistance/friction on the floor that it hits. I tried to make it look as heavy as possible but I just feel something looks wrong within the animation.

On the second try I felt as though it looked better. The bounce could of been slower as it still looked like it had energy, which does make it look lighter than a bowling ball. On the first move it jolt back up to fast but also moves across to far, forcing the animation to look fake.

I tried again to do the bowling ball but I find it so hard to make it seem heavy without it moving to fast.

When doing the beach ball movement it took me just under two hours as I kept making it go too fast. When looking at my reference video it helped me understand the movement but it was very hard to completely show the fact it was a beach ball.

beach-ball-bar-sheetIn  my animations the movement of of ball was too fast throughout and didn’t begin correctly. I first did it going to the size to emphasize the motion but then thought it was best to follow the video completely. I think after watching these videos the movement is quite smooth but can definitely be improved. I also noticed the fact that the second bounce should be higher as it bounces similar to the bowling ball which is weighted totally different. I think it looks better going across the screen as it presents the bounces better but I want to find a better reference video for this. I think it would be a good idea to try this in Maya as it can then be tinkered with until I feel as though it’s been perfected (as much as it can be).


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