Illusion and Disillusion within the Film Industry

 For many stop motion animation catches their audience by surprise and takes them into this whole new world, filled with things that at one point in time were so alien to them. It’s always amazed me how animators and puppets makers can create such realism within their work, making what is a hardened and inanimate object become so life like and giving it a  personality.


When thinking about this idea of illusion and enjoying the fact that the human mind can be tricked into the illusions of film and animation. Things such as immersion and finding yourself caught up in a whole new world closely relates to the works of Chuck Palahniuk as he uses postmodernism to subvert conventional ideas of narrative.

When researching Palahniuk’s tendency to use postmodernism to distort reality this extract of, ‘Chuck Palahniuk Parodist: Postmodern Irony in Six Transgressive Novels’ by David McKraken was interesting to read

Key Quotes From this Extract

“Palahniuk uses postmodernism parody to establish similarity but more so to emphasize defense through ‘ironic signalling’”

“Palahniuk’s personalities chase illusions of celebrity”

“Provides layers of imitation, blending truth with fiction, to illustrates the different degrees that sometimes differentiate reality and fantasy”

“he plays with his readers prejudices”

Chuck Palahniuk- Transgressive Author

An act that goes against a law a rule or code of conduct.

The idea of the conscious mind. We know that what we are watching isn’t real but we consciously believe and immerse ourselves in what we see.

Furthermore the illusion of the human mind interested me as things within many films have different meanings to different people or for example things can go unnoticed by some and be very obvious to others. A clear example of this was played out in the film Fight Club through firstly the break of the fourth wall. Which contradicts everything a movie should be as it now stops the realistic ideals that were there when the fourth wall hadn’t been broken. But also the idea of images of Tyler Durden popping up all the way through the film.

and that fact everything’s ‘a copy of a copy’ whilst the copier is being played in the background is ironic but also creates emotional contagion between the audience and the sound coming for the copier is slow and boring and it makes us feel bored just like the character.


This got me thinking about what our brains are susceptible to.

And Richard Dawkins who is an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author. Believes ‘The human mind is extremely susceptible to hallucination’ and in my opinion I believe he is right. I mean we are all born scared of two things falling and loud noises but over time we watch and experience things that make us scared of things just like how horror films have made us scared of bathrooms because EVERYONE seems to die there! Or the fact that a late night call while you are home alone is never going to end well. It just shows how easily manipulated the human mind is.


Sigmund Freud!

‘human beings are great deceivers’- Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud emphasized the importance of the unconscious mind, and a primary assumption of Freudian theory is that the unconscious mind governs behavior to a greater degree than people suspect. Indeed, the goal of psychoanalysis is to make the unconscious conscious.

The Future of an Illusion

In The Future of an Illusion (1927) Freud refers to religion as an illusion which is “perhaps the most important item in the psychical inventory of a civilization”. In his estimation, religion provides for defense against “the crushingly superior force of nature” and “the urge to rectify the shortcomings of civilization which made themselves painfully felt”. He concludes that all religious beliefs are “illusions and insusceptible of proof.”


The overall concept of my poster was to be split down the middle to show the contrast of illusion and disillusion and the reality of film.



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