Phil Chalk Next Generation and Animation Festival

ujatolczPhil Chalk came in today to talk about how we as first years could actually be involved with a proper animation company. I was so shocked and excited that we as students had been been given a serious opportunity to be included and have our own YouTube channel with Factory.

The main thing that excited me about this opportunity was that it was so open, there was no basis on only being able to do it if you were amazing at Maya or Stop-motion it was for everyone who wanted to do and had ideas for it!

When Phil was talking about what type of things we could put on the YouTube channel to give us some idea of what he wanted it made me think of some of the animations I saw in the Animation Festival as they had some good ideas behind them.


The Animation that first came to mind was ‘Mr Madila’ a very comedic and energetic 2D animation. Although I could not find the whole animation I found the trailer video on the animators Vimeo account, Rory WT.

There was also another animation that I thought was done so well which was again 2D, it was an interview with a man on death row explaining his life and the crime he committed and why he should be on death-row (bit morbid I know) but the animation was used to express the mans words in so much more detail and vibrancy.

So I thought with being in Manchester the amount of odd people here are crazy so doing interesting  and funny interviews would be something exciting to do as an animation.

The Animation Festival was really exciting as I got to see new and upcoming student work! I would definitely buy a day pass next year but this year my planning and money were not on side.




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