Mirror Movement

This week was really frustrating, trying to create motion in a mirror is not the easiest thing to do. I tried to create smooth arm movements to work with the thin mirror I have in my room; shown below.

I tried to to over exaggerated movements of the arm but also the wave as Johny and Joe said we may be able to do this motion with the armature if we have time.

I also tried to do some jumps but they did not turn out to well as you can’t keep the camera still long or steady. I also realised no jump looks normal front on so I had to do it from the side like it says in Richard William’s Book. I used slow-mo even though it’s very embarrassing so that later when it comes to drawing out the motion it will be easier to do.

And finally I tried to walk but as you can see my mirror is only small but better than nothing.

I will post in my next blog the sketches of these movements to help me better understand the movement. I will focus mainly on the jump and hand movement as the walk is hard to present using this video.



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