The Brief- ‘The City’

I have just created a quick pinterest board of my ideas and imagery from the brief we were given in Creative Play.

City Project (Play) You are asked to create a representation of ‘the city’. You should investigate the subject of the city in as many visual ways as possible and build a physical response. Create a response that allows us to ‘experience’ the city, in some way?

  • Entity ‘the city’
  • Histories can influence
  • Poetry, imagery
  • Think abstractly, what is a city? A large cell in which a society of one species coexists, often in close proximity with each other. Because of this proximity many social difficulties can manifest whilst at the same time many opportunities arise from this closeness.
  • They are centers of human activity, expend and utilize large quantities of energy… hives.
  • Hive of activity
  • Crowded
  • Claustrophobic
  • Disease
  • Time lapse
  • Colour imagery
  • Landscape aerial view, with circuit boards
  • Difference from Stratford and Manchester – photography for research
  • Like a jungle bustling with activity
  • Size, shape and colour
  • What does the city mean?
  • How does it shape us/ influence us/ change us?
  • What does it look like? What is its form/ shape/ size?
  • How can we represent and interpret it in a visual way?
  • What does it sound like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • Can what you make explain in a visual and experiential way?

EXPLORE- Ideation

Consider also the theme ‘old meets new’

  • This must be integrated in some way.
  • Origin
  • What is newness in cities?
  • Urban decay
  • Technological development- industrial revolution
  • Cities are inevitable


  • Interpret the idea of the city o include an enquiry into old meets new
  • Incorporate some or all of the techniques/ ideas introduced to you during the module and others you feel may be appropriate
  • Include an enquiry into the subject of energy and incorporate it in some way into your response. Interpret the word energy. What do we mean? There is no right or wrong.
  • Play with materials and utilize the maker space
  • Take risks!
  • Must be interactive/ reactive
  • Incorporate energy in some way

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