A projection of cities throughout time, accompanied with their soundscapes. Separate images put together, modernized on the computer.  Accompanied with traditional and modern methods. 

Foley sounds


  • horse hooves footsteps
  • bicycle rings
  • church bells
  • children playing
  • old sirens
  • old music being played
  • steam trains
  • creaking floorboards


  • cars honking
  • cars driving
  • people mumbling
  • modern music
  • people on phone
  • announcements being played
  • actual recording from Manchester center


  • Monkeys sounds
  • branches cracking
  • heavy rain
  • old noise
  • crickets
  • breeze
  • thunder


A4 Landscape

1st Decemeber- need to have photos together to use for our images, search soundsnap for remaining sound we would need to create using foley. Record Foley Sounds this week.

This monday 28th start creating the jungle scenes- Makes sure pinterest board is compete.

Have two images done or nearly done by thursday. – 10cm

8th Decemeber

Use the following monday 4th to finish jungle.

All sound work complete. start uploading digitally.

Upload as much as possible.

Try and get 3 images done by the weekend 10th-11th

Monday 12th- Upload and tweek. 

All we need to do is sort out studios and best way to project. 









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