Acting Adverbs

Today was actually a really exciting class as it was nice to be able to be moving about and practically doing things. I felt as though within the class there are certain people I can really be myself around and when I was in the group we could do what we want and exaggerate everything we did.

It was good in an animator sense as I could build my confidence but also work on acting skills and the movement of the body as we are all actors we just HATE being in-front of the camera ( well know I do). Acting is important to animators as it lets use be able to use our body and other people as references for our own animations, we can then build our understanding of movement and expression.

The fact that we did mine was good as we really did have to just think about body movement. As you can see from there videos sometimes the mime was not enforced but Luca and James did add some comedy value to the whole thing.

Pantomime Animation

When I searched Pantomime Animation this is the first video hat comes up,



So from this I thought I’d try and make my own definition of what its means. Obviously most people have heard of Pantomime, it’s loud and entertaining and usually performed on-stage letting audiences react with the characters as the play goes along. When thinking about it from an animators perspective I thought mainly about how the characters (actors) in Panto over exaggerate everything they do making it seem forced and false but also helping younger viewers who need bigger hints for when a character is sad or angry. When watching this video we see how the character makes it very clear with no sound how annoyed he is that the bollard wont open. We then see the shock and surprise as he falls down. Letting us as the audience understand every aspect of the animation as it happens just like you do in Pantomime.

I see how the idea of pantomime animation is to tell a silent story only through movement. This is the key to creating a good animation. you must have a good story but also a good understanding of movement to express and convey the correct emotions to the audience.


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