We got told this week how we need to become better observers and focus on seeing rather than just looking at something. As we need to be more immersed in the how and why of the object we are observing, to be able to understand and create a high level and realistic animation.

  • Open up quick time player to go to certain frames and understand the reference video in a deeper way.
  • Use the sound of a bounce to understand its movement
  • Do it for yourself have a play around with a physical object

What I need to do by the 16th of December:

  1. Check you have bar sheets for each animation you have done
  2. Make sure you have done these exercises in Maya
  3. Go through each of your animations and see which ones need redo-ing
  4. Get a feel for the armature. try and do a simple animation with them
  5. Put all your work into a clean arrangement make it accessible



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