Creative Play- Cities 1

We had started to plan out and think about how we will display our work within a space. Kris came over and began sketching rough ideas which me and Levi then expanded on to make it fit with the overall message of moving through time and ow the jungle was once a city to its population as it doesn’t have to be the generic idea of a city as all these places are entities of life and movement.

2016-11-26 (4).png

Mock-up of how it will look:

2016-11-26 (5).png

We want to hang out work diagonally going across as it will help the spectator to understand the journey we are trying to portray through time. Also each time period will have a timeline going across the bottom to better explain that visually.

We also thought having a video of all our work with the Foley sounds we will have created and other sounds that are harder to create in sound snap playing at the end will emphasize the overall journey through sound.

I wanted to include all the things that I enjoyed that I and others in my group enjoyed doing within creative play. So we have incorporated the collage, Foley sound and …

2016-11-26 (6).png




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