Cities – 2

After doing some work on illustrator today and being shown what can be created just with paper; like small cities, characters etc. I thought that just hanging our work wouldn’t create the effect we are trying to show of the evolution of cities from the jungle/rainforest to the modern times of today. I wanted the work to be something physical that we could hold and understand better.

So after talking to Kris about how we’ve changed the presentation of our work she related it to the lost city in Edinburgh as what we are portraying is cities being built on cites over and over again over thousands of years and the progression of the then and now. After looking at the Edinburgh lost city all I wanted to do was go but it being nearly 6 hours away from home did seem like an issue. But it’s amazing to think that Edinburgh did just close off a whole life source/living space because of the plague and left a small snippet of old Edinburgh  like a door into the past!

We then had to start making a small mock-up of the final piece to show Kris what we meant. We used cardboard and paper for this  but I am hoping to print templates off to give it a better look and more stable for the final.


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