Cities – 4

Today was when all our work came together to create our final piece for the Creative Play module. Once all the jungle and traditional images had been scanned in, we could begin aligning the images and playing around with size and scale. I first printed each 3  images onto A3 paper, but I after talking the team we thought they were to small and it would not work well.


This could only be overcome if I only used two images instead of three, so I took out one traditional, jungle and modern image from each section. Once this was printed it looked better and all the images were of very similar height. I then put these onto card to start cutting out.

Levi had started working on the way in which we would create the final piece. We thought having box’s that connected together would be the best way to create the structure, especially out of the card as its very strong. It took  while to get the correct measurement but I think it was the best way of making it strong and durable, so it can be easily moved from place to place and not be broken easily as it will be left in the maker space for a week.

First quick mock-ups of boxes.


Jun has begun putting the short video together for our work, it was about 20 seconds long and had the images panning across the screen. When he showed us his first example of the work it did seem quite sudden, concerning the changes from jungle to traditional, which did correctly present the idea behind our work of it showing an evolution through time. It was hard to admit as this is what we had had in mind for the video but I understood what Kristen was saying. I think we should either have some time of bleed of color with a fade in between the change in time, just to give it less of a abrupt change between scenes.

Jun has also added the sound to the video, so when we come back to it on Monday it should be a matter of editing the video and making sure we have everything together for the presentation.


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