Cities: 4 and a half

After building our final piece for the project, we wanted to make sure the video was upto the highest quality we could make it by Monday. Levi had spent time editing the film so it had a nicer transition between each city scape. Me and Jun worked together to input the sounds into the short film.


Levi had blended each scape into eachother when it transitioned which I think  worked really well as it made it look as though the city scape before had been washed away so the new one took its place easily.


I also started working on the final work book, which will include all the papers and sketches we used within the making of this project. It was hard trying to piece together all our work into a organised piece of work. But Levi had come up with some basic headings for each slide which made it a lot easier to follow. I wanted to keep the writing bref and only explain what we did and why it did and or didnt work well.

2016-12-14 (2).png




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