Final Creative Play Blog

Today we presented our work for the creative play module. I felt as though it went quite well when thinking of the set-up of our work. Our piece was ready to just bring into the DPL, the only thing I was worried about was the projector not working with my laptop but it worked well in the end. We had some issues with the overall setup, as the table that had the physical piece of work on was quite low but the table with the projector on was high, which blocked the view to the piece. I wanted the audience to be able to view the work and video all at the same time to illustrate the relationship between them more obviously. We overcame this by moving everything to the right so that the work could be viewed from the left-hand side.


At the start of the project the initial ideas came together quite easily, I had made a list of ideas I thought could work well and so had Levi and when we came together we looked at the ones we both thought could work and play on our best attributes. we had both thought about the change in time and how cities have changed through time and I also wanted to include the idea of the jungle as the jungle does present an entity of a city, which related closely to the brief. As the jungle inhabited  a whole range of life and was a city in itself. We then wanted to present the evolution through time which is shown through  my traditional ink wash drawings and then modern through Levis digital drawings.

I think our project engaged with creative play through the use of different mediums and relating it back to things we have done within the module overall, such as collage, rapid prototyping and being able to go through design cycles and improve our work at every stage. Although we did come into some issues with scale I think we overcame it quite well by spray mounting the biggest size we could onto card, without losing the quality in the work. I think we also did loose some time as we did not manage to use all the artwork we had produced for the final physical piece, but we overcame this by including it all in our video. There was also some issues with the video at first as the transition between each artwork seemed to separate but Levi overcame this by blurring the two together, taking into account my idea of letting the colors bleed into each other.

I think if I had the chance to do this project again I would definitely of taken more risks as I do feel our project was too small and confined, whereas other peoples seemed so much more energetic, but I have noticed within my work I like the minimalism look. But I think as a team we definitely had a clear idea of what we planned on doing and after the many lists I created of who was doing what I think we were definitely well organised. I think as a group we would of wanted it to be more interactive as I do think the sounds from the video really brought everything together and it was nice to hear from peers what it made them feel for example TZ said it made him think of Tarzan and his transition into the real human world. With this in mind if it could of been on a bigger scale and been an installation people could of walked through and inside it, making them feel more included in our work. As from what i learnt from the cinematography research and film noir the audience reacts well to immersive and inclusive content.

Within the team I do feel I took on the role of a leader but it was well divided between me and Levi as we both contributed with ideas, I just made sure we all knew what we were doing. I took on the responsibility for all the mood-boards (pinterest) and made sure we all had access to them. I had the job of doing the traditional artwork and then helped do the jungle scenes. Levi did the modern city scape and then helped with the jungle scape too. I feel as though we all worked on the video collaboratively as Jun began it and helped us at with the overall building of the piece, doing a lot of the heavy work as the scapols trying to cut through the card really took it out of us all! Levi finalized the video creating the transition whilst me and Jun worked on the sounds.

Our project was definitely successful as it did keep the brief but I do think we should of expanded on our work and taking more risks, but as a first project I feel as though we did quite well given the time frame.


I would also like to add that everyone’s projects were so amazing, I loved how people had used light and color and projections to really enhance their work. Here are a few pictures i took from today.




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