Making Of Brief

I wanted to do a small project combing my two favorite types of media. I love the mixture of ink in water or in this case PVA to create a clear panel of ink mixtures and i feel it really shows a type of movement and vibrancy. I also love ink wash and continuous line drawings as they present a type of flow within my work.

I wanted to incorporate things that would be useful to me in the overall animation degree. So I thought about what Johny says about us being more aware of our surroundings and how people watching will help us with the way we understand movement as a whole. So I decided to take multiple short videos of people in public just walking and present casual movements. But also wanted to incorporate more vibrant movements such as dance. I will try to see a dance show but if not the RSC in Stratford Upon-Avon always uploads rehearsal videos of behind the scenes so I can use these too.

I plan on having a few short clips of just people watching within the video and then show how I have used some of these videos to create multiple layered continuous line drawings. I wanted to include the ink to illustrate the difference in movement as you can never create the exact same ink wash each time as it always moves in different ways. Just as different people move in their own individual way.

I hope to have within my video, short clips of me drawing out my work but on short 20 second max clips so the audience don’t get bored. A long with multiple ink experimentation until I come up with a finalized idea to present. It will probably be an A2 piece of artwork  with small individual pieces of Ink and PVA glue cut out and collaged for the background.



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