Emotion to Emotion

I have been practicing Maya this week and I am really starting to get the hang of the Buckkid Rig. Jeff also showed me how to create the foot movements on maya too, which was really helpful and I do feel like I learnt it a lot better.

By doing my short emotion to emotion story on Maya I feel like it will really help me when it comes to the StopMotion exercise. I have included the most important poses from my story and will get someone to act them out for the stop mo so I have a better reference for my work. My story illustrates a person watching the tv and their football team winning which causes them to be excited but then when the go to share their excitement they realise they are all alone and sadly sits down.

Here is my foot placement work:

Making of Brief (Ling)

I have made a quick mind map of some ideas me and Ling had spoken about. I think we have decided to go with the mixed media of digital and a puppet of some kind.After doing some character design in the style of Tim Burton I mentioned to Ling the fact we could create a set in the style of Tim Burton’s stop motion films or Henry Selick’s Coraline. Ling thought it would be better to create this digitally and do the puppet as a physically built thing. I thought idea could work really well so looked at a few of Burton’s sets and have started thinking about characters we could design for this project. I thought this would fit in nicely with the storytelling module and combine all of mine and Lings skills nicely.

2017-02-16 (2).png

I also found this website which could give us an idea for how we would construct our character,


Image result for tim burton characters for stop motion
These are some of Burton’s Stopmotion character’s which I think would be could to either recreate or use as inspiration. 

Buckkid and Stop Motion

I have spent so much time in Maya on my laptop this week trying to create the most simple of poses with this Rig. It’s killing me, I’m finding it really hard to get my head around no matter how many times I read over my notes from last weeks class I doesn’t make sense. I’m not sure whether it’s different on my laptop but the IK and FK are nowhere to be seen and the channels keep reappearing. I will have to start doing this work at university as my laptop doesn’t seem to be compatible with this rig. I lost my last saved work as it crashed. So my first experience of this wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.

Heres my notes from lastweek.

Also the stopmotion situation has been a stressful one. I retried the sit and stand  times today and every time the armature fell or the arm became loose. I am finding it very hard to create smooth movement,  therefore I will again be retrying this exercise next week.

Here are some examples of todays failures:

Drawing Like Tim Burton

Tim Burtons style is so obviously recognisable with a lot of people and also though his drawings look simplistic theres so many layers to his work and he really creates a sense of personality within each of his drawings. I started going through his orginal sketches and my two favourites are the Corpse Bride and Edward Scissorhands. I started by drawing these characters so I could get to know how Burton draws.



The two images above are my drawings in Tims Style. I then moved onto look at pictures of snow white so I could recreate her in the style of Tim Burton. This is how they turned out:

I do think I captured Burtons style but I’m unsure whether anyone would be able to pick up on the fact its meant to be snow white.

Photoshop Work – Practice with Wacom

I wanted to start practicing with Photoshop and the Wacom tablet, to train myself to draw digitally as it’s something that will help me in getting a job in the future. I also learn a lot better being able to actually do the work first-hand. I learnt a lot just in the 3 hours I was working on this drawing of an owl. I got a photo from the internet up to use as reference but did not trace it, as I will be free-hand drawing my work or using my own designs and I didn’t think tracing would of been helpful for me. Khaled showed my house to use layers to save my work but also told me once I become more confident in my work I will find the layers very helpful.  I have started to practice with this because of Script and Storytelling as I want my work to be more professional when it comes to hand-in for Kristin but also it will be easier to present story boards etc.

Character Design aftermath…

I was given the ‘Film Noir’ genre. I have decided to choose one of my own characters as well as one of James Lawson’s. I did have to create another character just to create a typical Film Noir narrative as there is usually a murder or mystery within these types of films.



Life Drawing

Although I have been to a lot of life drawing classes because of my fine art ALevel, I really did learn a lot from the session at the new Adelphi with Chris. He made life drawing a lot more relevant to me as an animator, talking mostly about gesture and movement. It was nice to see a small progression in my work just after 1 hour of his class. But also fact that such a minor use of lines can really illustrate the human body and the emotion that is being portrayed.

My First Experience with the Armature

I wanted to give myself time in the first week to get a feel for the armature as last semester I did not get time to use it. The armature is definitely hard to use as if you move it ever so slightly the whole body seems to move with it.

I first messed around with the magnets, so see how the affect the positioning of my armature, I found out the hard way that sometimes the armature can suddenly move because its drawn to another magnet, so something to remember for next time is check the underneath of the table for magnets!

I did a practice run of the sit stand and also the wave. I enjoyed being able to manipulate the armature and brought a mirror into the stop motion room to look at myself move to help me when moving the armature. After looking at the animation played back it was obvious that it was too fast so my movements need to become smaller for next time. I also found it hard to keep the armature up at points so it either needed tightening or I arranged the magnets incorrectly.

Overall I’m glad I used this time to just do a quick practice with the Armature, so when I come to try the actual Sit and Stand next week at least I can use this experience and feel a bit more confident.

I did take a few short videos of me sitting and also looked at some on youtube. But as this was a practice I don’t think it is necessary to include these.