Making Of Reviews

We spent the majority of the class today watching and talking about each persons making of project. Editing is clear strength for many people on my course and from today class I really saw how everyone is at such a different levels when it comes to animation. I found today very useful but also very interesting as everyone took  such a different route within their work.

I was nervous to show my work but at the end of the day I want to get feedback to make my work better and I learnt a lot just by doing this project. After looking at my feedback I noticed a lot of people liked that I had shown my experimentation within my work, showing what went well and what didn’t work so well, as it presented a process and small part of my design cycle. I also was praised for using a range of shots of work and that the music went well with the overall tone of my project. Although I was happy with these comments I also wanted to here how I could of improved and this was by changing the font color as at point in the video it was hard to read, so a black background would of been more helpful. I also should of used less time lapse as it does get a bit boring so Kris said why don’t I add in some cuts along the way so we don’t watch me draw the whole piece. I just need to think more about keeping the audience engaged throughout. I also want to work on my editing skills as now I know the basics it would good to progress and make my work more slick and fancy.


I made comments on each persons work here are some examples:


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