Introduction to Animation 102

Stop Motion Work

Sit and Stand  (air show?):

The armature could go from a sitting position to a standing position and then look around. The about setting. Don’t forget the hold and 25fps.

Emotion to Emotion:

Pick two emotions (boredom, excitement) people will come up and strike a pose. We are looking at body language. Start with armature in first pose then create a short story to the next emotion.

3 Step Walk:

Don’t try to create a personality in the walk, we just need to show the basic and precise walk in the exercise. Analyze other peoples walks, record evidence. Research key poses! When thinking of the Richard Williams book, remember hes a cartoon animator so his movement will be very over exaggerated.


Two dynamic actions a push and a pull. Illustrate weight, strain.

Choose one of the following themes- Irritating Insect, Wilderness Walk or Dental Pain:

Create a short story with your chosen theme. Present this as best you can with the armature, create personality and make it entertaining.


Maya Work

A Walk on Maya:

50-100 frames. Emphasis should be on the placement of the feet. Think about personality. What is the character feeling? Create a profile.

A Sneak Through Space:

No more than 150 frames. Act out the sequence to help you establish timing and key poses. Create a video reference and don’t forget bar sheets.

A Dynamic Run and Jump:

No more than 100 frames. You may wish to look at gymnastics, martial arts and free running. Work out a profile of your character.


Stop Motion 40%

Maya 40%

Personal Research/ Blog 20%

I am very excited by all the new things semester 2 brings. It definitely is a whole new level to animation, feels like a big step up but I really want to create exciting and precise animations where the armature is concerned. After the feedback I got from Semester 1, I feel like I am lot more confident in my own work.


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