My First Experience with the Armature

I wanted to give myself time in the first week to get a feel for the armature as last semester I did not get time to use it. The armature is definitely hard to use as if you move it ever so slightly the whole body seems to move with it.

I first messed around with the magnets, so see how the affect the positioning of my armature, I found out the hard way that sometimes the armature can suddenly move because its drawn to another magnet, so something to remember for next time is check the underneath of the table for magnets!

I did a practice run of the sit stand and also the wave. I enjoyed being able to manipulate the armature and brought a mirror into the stop motion room to look at myself move to help me when moving the armature. After looking at the animation played back it was obvious that it was too fast so my movements need to become smaller for next time. I also found it hard to keep the armature up at points so it either needed tightening or I arranged the magnets incorrectly.

Overall I’m glad I used this time to just do a quick practice with the Armature, so when I come to try the actual Sit and Stand next week at least I can use this experience and feel a bit more confident.

I did take a few short videos of me sitting and also looked at some on youtube. But as this was a practice I don’t think it is necessary to include these.


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