Photoshop Work – Practice with Wacom

I wanted to start practicing with Photoshop and the Wacom tablet, to train myself to draw digitally as it’s something that will help me in getting a job in the future. I also learn a lot better being able to actually do the work first-hand. I learnt a lot just in the 3 hours I was working on this drawing of an owl. I got a photo from the internet up to use as reference but did not trace it, as I will be free-hand drawing my work or using my own designs and I didn’t think tracing would of been helpful for me. Khaled showed my house to use layers to save my work but also told me once I become more confident in my work I will find the layers very helpful.  I have started to practice with this because of Script and Storytelling as I want my work to be more professional when it comes to hand-in for Kristin but also it will be easier to present story boards etc.


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