Making of Brief (Ling)

I have made a quick mind map of some ideas me and Ling had spoken about. I think we have decided to go with the mixed media of digital and a puppet of some kind.After doing some character design in the style of Tim Burton I mentioned to Ling the fact we could create a set in the style of Tim Burton’s stop motion films or Henry Selick’s Coraline. Ling thought it would be better to create this digitally and do the puppet as a physically built thing. I thought idea could work really well so looked at a few of Burton’s sets and have started thinking about characters we could design for this project. I thought this would fit in nicely with the storytelling module and combine all of mine and Lings skills nicely.

2017-02-16 (2).png

I also found this website which could give us an idea for how we would construct our character,

Image result for tim burton characters for stop motion
These are some of Burton’s Stopmotion character’s which I think would be could to either recreate or use as inspiration. 

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