Beginning the Walk Cycle

Once being shown the basics by Jeff I have begun the feet placement and the lift. I think it looks odd right now but that mostly based on the fact that I haven’t started to think about any of the other body parts.

I then started on the hips to try and create more of a sway, it took a while for me to understand how I would even go about doing this in the first place but feel like you can definitely see a difference. Again it did look very wrong in my eyes. So i posted it on Facebook to see if  would get a response for either Johny or Joe. After reading Joe’s and Johny’s response I did lover the pelvis to try and help the fact the legs don’t seem to move in the correct way but I am unsure whether I have placed the lowering in the correct place and something is terribly wrong with the movement! I’m going to speak to Johny about it on Monday as I am unsure how to make the legs stop from rotating in, which you can see in the last video.

2017-03-05 (2).png




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