Character Development

Within mine and Ling’s group, I have taken on the role as character design and modelling of the character. I have looked into multiple characters which were shown on my last blog post. I found it very difficult at first to narrow down my ideas but I finally decided on this character. I thought it best captured a mixture of my own style and Tim Burton’s and I wanted a character with an eye catching quality. I also took the style dress from Victoria Everglot from the Corpse Bride. As I thought the style was nice but also makes the neck just that slight  bit wider as I am worried about the structure of the model.


I tried to work digital for this character but found it quite difficult to get to look I wanted but it was a good way to practice on my Photoshop skills. And I was able to look at proportions a bit more.

2017-03-01 (2).png


After finalizing my ideas, I showed them to Ling and she agreed on the design.

I have done a bit of research and asked other people who have done modelling before on what materials are best to use. I have got white plasticine and some modelling tools along with strong wire to hopefully hold it all together and give good strength. I have begun modelling the head of my character and I have to admit it is a lot harder than it looks but I am glad I am able to work on these skills.




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