Beginning of Body Structure

After spending the weekend on the head of my model I began the body structure on Monday.

I started by measuring the head and trying to think of the correct anatomical sizing of my model. After doing this I began twisting the wire together to create and strong main frame, but it also had be quite thin as my characters waist going into half her body size just as Tim Burton’s main characters do.


When I first started the model I was really worried I had taken on more than I could chew, but I actually found it quite therapeutic as its something you can work into again and again.  The wire frame was very strong and I was very happy about that as my model was soo heavy because of the amount of Plasticine.

I started on Monday and had finished this by Tuesday night. I have now taken more professional photos of this in the stop motion room as I would rather kept it like this but I felt like by using colourould  make it more Tim Burton esque and in keeping with Lings background. We started of by doing the eye catching hair and then moved onto the dress. In my drawings its a dark red brown colour but when we did this I didn’t think it look right and kind of made the character look like she was meant to be Carrie and covered in blood, so when I had another look at Lings background I realized it would be more appropriate to do the dress with more blue tones, but keep to a dark and Gothic look.


After this photo we went over the bottom in a deep blue and then darkened the shadowed parts and went over the main part of the dress with blue again to make the bottom fit with the rest of the dress. I tried to create the deep set eyes by going round them in black and adding lashes to the model but I did not have the steadiest of hands. I thought it was appropriate the keep the face the pale white colour as that’s how Tim Burton characters are and I never used colour in my designs when it came to the face.


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