Final Photographs of Model

Here are a few better litter photos of the model, felt these were necessary to see as they are of better quality and you can see the colour better in these. Overall I would say I am glad I gave puppet/ model making a chance as I really enjoyed doing it. It was nice to see that I could firstly do it but from the feedback I got from peers they really said I incorporated Tim Burton’s style well with my own first design, which was really nice to hear. Furthermore, I felt like a learnt a lot within this part of the project about how to structure models with wire correctly but also how to emanate someones style correctly. I’m glad I then designed this digitally as it made me more aware of my design but also furthered my knowledge in Photoshop.

After photographing my work, Ling and I began to the think out how we want the Making Of to run. I knew we would use some type of Gothic or Tim Burton style music like something from the nightmare before Christmas but there’s also another song in the Corpse Bride which may work, but ill research this tonight. As after reviewing others makings of last time I know lots people like it when the song fits with the theme of the project. We also thought about order and I don’t want the making of to seem very split between mine and Lings work so we thought it would be best if the Making Of flits between the model and the background as they both progress. I will begin by getting all my footage into one folder and seeing what I have got to work with as I mostly took photographs so I couldn’t use lots of time lapse as that was my downfall last time.

Plan for the Making Of Video

Tim Burton Inspired Model and Background.

Starts with all our mood boards and research into Tim Burton’s Style, then to my design phase as that relates the most to Tim Burton as I looked at his original sketches and key aspects of his style. Put in my sketches and the different stages.

Then Ling will present her research and the footage from the graveyard.

Pictures of me beginning modelling and voice over of me working and finding out stuff through Aardman.

Lings screenshots of her creating her background and how she did it, what went well what went wrong.

Photographs of model w/o paint

Time lapse of painting and why we chose those colour, what went well what went wrong

Photographs of model with paint.

Final Words things that we overcome what we learnt as the final thing plays in the background.




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