Secondary Research for Making Of

I started by looking into Aardman, as they are one of the most well known for modelling and I thought this would be an appropriate place to start. giving me an insight into how they make and sculpt the characters but also by watching some of their making of videos I can see how others have created a clear and concise way of presenting their work and take inspiration from this. This was a very useful website but didn’t really have information I wanted but I’ll definitely need to look at this in the future

The making of a Wallace and Gromit characters:

Both these videos indicate you have to have a strong structure but obviously I did not have the resources for a silicone mold so I thought Plasticine would be a good alternative. As its easier to mold and I can keep changing it over time as I may not like something or Ling may have some changed she wants me to do. I focused mostly on how they twist and shape the wire in these videos as that is what I am most worried about as I want my character to be stable. Similarly, as it was Tim Burton inspired it had to have the elongated neck so I tried to find some making of’s his films such as corpse bride or nightmare before Christmas.

The making of these puppets is a lot more detailed and complicated! It never ceases to amaze me how much time and energy goes into stop motion movies. The way in which they make the facial expressions on these puppets is quite unsettling but its so scientific in its own way. But in relation to my project it was interesting to see the structural strengths of these puppets, but they are completely based on the armature structurally. Once o saw the white based puppet Emily I felt like that shape would really fit and be easy to create for my own puppet. So I decided to have a very strong structure through just wire and make it extra strong at the neck point and on the base and then add thin wire for the arms as they cant be thick as it would not fit with the style I am aiming for.



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