I have begun collecting all my recording and images from making my model and design process. I have the basic outline of how I want it to be presented but as I am still not 100% on premiere it’s still a slow process for me. I’ll be over the moon if I can create a well scripted voice over and get a split screen in somewhere in the video as this is two of the things I was told to work on and add for my own personal making of.

I began by putting my work into some basic order, this took me 3 hours as some of my footage would not fit and I couldn’t work out why for a very long time and it’s actually a very simple thing to fix, so that was stressful!! (side note- because of how time consuming the model was to make and design, my editing stage fell on the same weekend as my cousins christening, so editing this video has been a challenge, where time is concerned).


Once I’d made a basic structure for the first part of my video, I began researching soundtracks from famous Tim Burton movies, my two favorites are Edward Scissorhands main theme song and Corpse but I’m going to keep digging and see what fits best given the fast structure of my making of. Maybe by having slow gradual fades in my video will fit nicely with this type of music.


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