Last Day of Editing

This morning I began writing up the script as I had a good understanding of how we wanted the ‘Making Of’ to go.

Since beginning the editing process Ling has sent me what she would like me to voice over for the making of project as she did not want to do the voice over. I have gathered all the things she wanted to include and tried to fit it into the parts of the script I have already made when focusing on my own work. I thought by having it colour coded with whose part is which would be appropriate for the blog and for me and Ling to edit as it gives a clear impression of who’s talking, whereas in the making of video it will be obvious because of the visual representation.

2017-03-13 (2)

As I’ve been away this weekend at a christening at home I’ve been trying to do this project on train journeys and early mornings before pre planned family events take place (not been stressful at all). I have been able to get in touch with Ling easily though to keep her up to date on my work and been able to plan what we have to do on Monday after context lesson.

Once me and Ling  began editing together it went a lot smoother and although our footage didn’t add up to a long video, we were able to present our process well. I found the editing quite enjoyable as I got learn about what went well with Ling’s project and how she struggled but we were also able to learn from each other, especially when it came to premiere. I felt like I’ve learnt a lot today.

After we had spent the morning editing and adding the music, I began working on the voice over. I had all the words but keeping it in the time frame was quite difficult. So I have to re-edit some sections and make them longer but also cut parts from the script but that was ok as I’ve explained most things in my blog anyways.

2017-03-13 (3)

After finalizing the voice overs my video was complete! I am over the moon!!


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