Reflection on Ling and I’s Making Of

How have found the experience of working in your pair?

I have quite enjoyed the experience overall. Although I know Ling, we weren’t very close but I think that worked to our advantage as we could do something new. I think we did well at communication but I still feel a block between us, as we are such different workers.

What have you contributed to the project and the team?

I contributed through the ideas generation first of all. I had been doing Tim Burton characters for storytelling and fell in love with doing this so I mentioned this to Ling and she really liked the idea. At first I wanted to do it digitally but then thought for this module model making would be better for me. So once we had this idea of background and model, we set each other key roles. I had the role of character design and then model making. Then I started the editing part on premiere, with Lings help we worked very closely on this aspect if the project. Then finally I did the script and voiceover for the making of video, taking into account what Ling wanted to be said in it.

How hard do you work? Discuss your work ethic and commitment? Be honest and frank with yourself.

I feel like I did work very hard on this project, which is probably why I felt so overwhelmed with work. In all honesty it takes a push for me to begin work but I do feel like I have gotten a lot better at this since being at uni. I am more of a little and often than a 6 hours of work the day before. This being true I did spent a good 3 straight days just working on this project. My issues come from when I do not think my work is good enough or up to standard and this is usually when I become a lot more distant from my work load but I don’t think this happened at all in the module.

What you done to ensure a successful working partnership? Could you have done more for better success?

I feel like I was a successful working partner. I try to keep a good line of communication with Ling constant planning and work being sent to talk over which was definitely a strong point in our team, we both definitely knew what was going on within our project. I feel like we could have had more contact time, just to ensure a clear plan. And I could have been more involved in the background and vice versa with Ling and the model.

Where is your project successful and how could your project be improved?

Well firstly, we accomplished what we set out to do, so I think that’s a massive success! I learnt that my model making skills aren’t to shabby and I really enjoy doing it! I know that I can work in a team with someone I don’t know that well and we can find a thing we both enjoy doing. Obviously there’s room for improvement in the fact we could of acted more like a team in some respect as we did keep our work separate from one and another it was only when it came to editing of the making of that we worked very avidly together. As a project painting was neither mine or Lings strong point so I feel the model could of looked a lot better if I’d of had more time to paint it correctly.

How successful is the Making of film? Do you think it fully communicates the processes involved in producing your chosen project?

I think our making of is successful as it shows a clear development of our work and I feel like I kept the voiceover clear and concise throughout. You can see the process of how the model is made clearly and also how ling got her inspiration for the background. I feel it has good communication and shows the Tim Burton theme well especially through music (which is the corpse bride theme song – if you’re an avid fan like me). For me this making of was a massive improvement on my last one as I felt I had less time lapses which made the video more clear and concise but also adding a voiceover improved it and being able to do things such as having more than one image on the screen was good, giving the audience more information in a better way. Furthermore, the fact that the making of went between mine and Lings work made it look more like a partnership than individual work.

Where could this ‘Making Of’ be improved?

I would of liked to of had more animated sequences from after affects so a better more exiting title sequence and some more exciting edits, but this is mainly something I need to work on overall as my skills on the computer are not as savvy as others but that is something I am very eager to learn!! I feel like I would of wanted to see more layers of the background just to give a better insight as the models design process took up a lot longer of the video.

Where would you say you have improved on you last experience?

I have definitely gone away from my comfort zone in this project, doing something that would help me in a future career in animation. I feel like I’m a lot more confident on premiere and have learnt from my last time and steered clear from time-lapse and found more appropriate ways to present my work. I also thought more about the planning of the making of as I had to take into account the script and timings.

Specifically, how has the design aspect of your ‘Making Of’ developed?

Well I feel like overall my making was a lot more concise and clear. And seemed more direct than humorous, there’s a clear plan throughout.

If your making of films are intended for potential future employers, is the tone of voice appropriate for your intended audience?

Yes, I feel like it’s a lot more appropriate for employers. As they can see my design process but also than I thought into the character and that this part of my work is very important in the process. They would see that I can work well in a team and collect all our work together and put it together well, with them being able to understand our process throughout.


Do you see any future possibilities for this project? Could it be extended in to this next opportunity, for instance?

Definitely where set and character design is concerned. It could be extended into a short animatic or stop motion story.

What do you want/ need from a team experience? Discuss.

I am eager to learn from others in these projects. I really want to work on my digital skills. I need a team who are enthusiastic about the work and who are actually going to be here. I feel humour is a good thing within a team as I makes me easier to give ideas and create more exciting work. I am not fond of having someone who’s going to pull the team down although I’m not a crazy worker when It comes to team work I wouldn’t want to let the team down. A diverse team is great but I do feel we have to have something in common whether it just be our work ethic or our personalities.

What is your ambition for the next project? What do you want to engage with next? What would be most rewarding for you? Do you think you would respond well if given a specific brief rather than given free reign to dictate your own project? Discuss.

I would love to engage more in 2d work and would love to be in a team that I could learn these skills from. I spend a lot of time with Luca slowly learning Maya so think we would make a good team as he would rather take a digital role and have others draw which I feel I would enjoy. My aim for this semester is to at least of tried to create a short animatic or quick sequence. I used to love having a brief I was one of those people, but now for the last project I feel having free reign one last time would be good to just let us all work on something we all really enjoy.



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