Walk Cycle in StopMotion

This is a very hard thing to master!! I spent three hours today working on my stop motion walk cycle. I have watched a lot of reference videos and used my own reference video to watch whilst trying to do the animation. I also used the Richard Williams book to look at the movement of the walk, which will help me when it comes to the Maya work as well.

I did see improvements in my animation the more I did it but it’s very stressful so I am going to try again on Monday too and hopefully have my Maya walk finalized by Tuesday. I want to begin the sneak next week.

This is my first try and as u can see the armature was not on my side…

I then started another but it became more of a strained walk and skiing motion.

This was my final from this first day try in stopmotion… It needs a lot of work but I am happy with it so far and can see what needs working on. 




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