Why did I Choose Outsider Stories…

If I’m honest, I wanted a chance to delve into how everyone’s perception of a story is so different from someone else. I know that I definitely have complete different thoughts from others and image stories so vividly at times.

I loved how Rory WT who made ‘Mr Madila’ was able to present such an odd interview so vibrantly and creatively. Obviously mocking the main character Mr Madila but also creating a whole new perception of him, like when you read a book and then imagine a character so vividly and then when you talk to a friend they have such a different idea of that character.

This brief also took me back to a video Johny had showed us in class, ‘The Music Scene’ as also its a music video it still takes words and changes there meaning so much into this very mystical and colorful world. Well world inside world inside worlds. Overall it was described as a ‘bad acid trip’ not my words but it did very much mess with your idea of whats real and whats not.

I just thought this brief would be good as I can take someone on a colorful and exciting journey. Turn a somewhat basic snippet of speech into so much more.


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