Retrying the Walk Cycle

I do think today I was a lot more positive going into the stop motion room. I focused more on the foot placement and the high points and contact points. Rather than mechanically following reference frame by frame. Although my reference was very useful if fluidity and timing.

Half way through working on this animation the Stop Motion Pro software crashed. I can tell that the animation speeds up slightly and does look like a strop as Joe stated. I never thought it before or believe it but your animation are very reliant on you mood and I have to say i wasn’t in the best mood after the software incident so this may be why. But I think because I was so focused on the leg movement and foot placement it may of been more exaggerated and stopped me from toning the emotion down. I also noticed that after working on this movement in Maya it really helped me to understand the movement better.

Overall, I am really happy with this animation as I been finding the Armature quite disheartening as of late but I know now I can actually do this! So positive outcome from this piece of work.

Insert bar sheet photo



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