Making Of

My vision for this project was to have bright and vibrant animations as seen in Anthony Francisco Schepperd’s and Rory WT’s animations.

I was thinking along the lines of a simplistic 2D animation storyboard. Either a story of someone being drunk or on a drugs, or children’s stories as this would give us space to make something very exciting.

I loved watching how Rory WT makes the children’s heads and eyes expand when they get excited, and Schepperd makes things very vibrant and quite psychedelic.  I feel like we could really use this style to our advantage and then this nicely relates to the story telling module of taking on other animators/artists work.

Videos that support my ideas and visuals:

This video was especially appropriate when thinking of story boarding… (but theres 42 images just in a minute of the video)

I absolutely love the two above, there must be away to combine the two!!


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